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Tbilisoba – Tbilisi City Fest 2021

Tbilisoba – Tbilisi City Fest and Harvest Festival in Kakheti

Why should you spend your vacation in Georgia in early October?

By this time, the grapes are ripening and the whole country is taking the breath of Rtveli - the harvest festival. We will harvest grapes, prepare wine according to the ancient Georgian tradition, enjoy the amazing Georgian cuisine. In addition, Tbilisoba is waiting for us - the day of Tbilisi city. Farmers from all regions come to demonstrate their products: fresh vegetables and fruits, sweets, cheese, spices and, of course, an ocean of wine. Tbilisoba is a great opportunity to feel the Georgian flavor, to be acquainted with the culture and traditions of the country and to enjoy a colorful and unforgettable sight.

Day 1. Tbilisi

Arrival in Tbilisi. Meeting in the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Free time. After lunch. Tbilisi sightseeing tour. You will visit Anchiskhati Basilica (one of the oldest churches in Georgia), Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater, Sioni Cathedral. You will learn about the history of Tbilisi creation, pass through the ancient streets, which still preserves its charm and see how modernity comfortably rhymes with antiquity. In the evening, we go to dine in "The Mill This restaurant is a museum town that introduces visitors directly to the Georgian flavor. There will be live music and Georgian dances during the dinner.


Day 2: Tbilisoba – Tbilisi City Day

Breakfast in the hotel. Today is an incredible day – Tbilisoba. The birthday of the Georgian capital is celebrated on a weekend in October when the harvest festival Rtveli is almost over. It is attended by many guests, including farmers, who come from all regions of Georgia to demonstrate the results of their hard work. The stalls are full of fresh vegetables and fruits, cheese, sweets and, of course, wine. The whole city is full of fun! Together with winemakers come artists, dancers, and singers. We will have a good opportunity to see the diverse culture of Georgia in one place and to find some rare handmade souvenirs for ourselves. Lunch in the restaurant Bread House. We continue the walk around the city: we will see the area of sulfur baths, Narikala fortress and Peace Bridge - one of the thirteen most unusual bridges in the world. On this day, the streets of the city are saturated with a holiday spirit. Dinner in the restaurant Keto&Kote.



Day 3: Mtskheta

In the morning, we will meet Vlas Vatsadze. He will tell us funny stories of famous Russian poets and writers: Yesenin, Bulgakov, Gumilyov, Zabolotsky, Mendelstam and Mayakovsky. Each of them has a connection with the same street where they spent time. We will plunge into fond memories, during our travel along one of the oldest streets of Tbilisi - Machabeli. Visit to the ancient capital of Georgia, the city of Mtskheta. Nowadays, it is a city-museum and is included in the UNESCO Heritage Site. Here in the Svetitskhoveli cathedral (XI century) is situated, which also is included in the UNESCO Heritage Site. In this cathedral, the robe of Christ is being kept. Walk around the city. Visit to the Jvari Church (VI-VII century). Here the great Russian writer M. Lermontov wrote his famous work Mtsyri.  Lunch and Wine tasting in winery “Iago’s Winery”. Here is produced Chinuri wine in the traditional way in clay jugs - kvevri. For the first time in 20 years, London’s Ritz-Carlton hotel has changed the wine list to add this wine. Return to Tbilisi. Free time, dinner in the restaurant Bina37. 

Day 4: Kakheti

After breakfast, we check out from the hotel. Trip to one of the largest regions of Georgia – Kakheti, the true cradle of winemaking. Excursion to Bodbe monastery – a place where Georgia's enlightener Saint Nino is buried. In the 4th century, Christianity became the official state religion thanks to St. Nino Equal to the Apostles. Visit to the city of love – Signagi, which is located at an altitude 850 meters above sea level. It was founded in the 17th century. Signagi affords spectacular views of the Alazani Valley. The city is surrounded by fence, which is the second longest wall in the world after The Great Wall of China. Walk around the city with a visit to towers. Lunch and Wine degustation in the wine cellar “Okro’s Wine”. Transfer to Tsinandali. Accommodation in Radisson Collection. In the evening, a real Georgian feast awaits us, accompanied by a professional toastmaster and a male folklore ensemble. 

Day 5: Rtveli –Grapes Festival

After a delicious breakfast, we will visit the one of the largest and most important holidays for Georgians – Rtveli! It is the Harvest Festiva. The grapes are harvested in one or a maximum of two days, at the very peak of its maturity, until it rains. That is why winemakers never refuse to help in harvesting, and accept it with gratitude. After harvesting, the time comes to visit the hospitable winemakers at the private winery and to take part in the process of making wine. And here the fun begins! After the grapes are harvested, it should be pressed. Someone crushes grapes in the old way with their feet in wooden containers - "satsnaheli", and someone on hand crush. All squeezed juice runs down the grooves in special clay pots, buried in the ground in the wine cellars. Is it possible to refuse such pleasure? Lunch and wine tasting in Mosmieri Wine Centre. Than we will go to the Tsinandali Museum, where the famous noble family of Chavchavadze lived. Many amazing, wonderful and tragic events in the history of Georgia are connected with this family. Then we will have some free time in the hotel, and in the evening, we will go to dinner in the house of hereditary winemakers Jakeli.



Day 6: Transfer to the airport

Breakfast in the Hotel. Free time. Transfer to the airport.

If you wish, you can extend the trip before or after the main program.


Useful information:

Gamarjoba! That is how you will be greeted in a friendly Georgia.

While visiting this country you will fully feel why Georgia has entered the list of the first three the most hospitable countries in the world. Wine, the preparation method of which is included in the intangible list of UNESCO Heritage, an unforgettable cuisine is the minimum that you can enjoy in this amazing country. Welcome to Georgia!

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